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The video call app
for families

Share rich moments again

The Edukily app allow you
to help a kid do the homework and read stories together.
Yes, remotely.

Edukily is a communication tool
with special focus on children.

You deserve
rich times,
just between you.

Meet Edukily

Edukily is a mobile app that allows you
to help a kid to do his homework and read stories together remotely.


Read stories together, in real time


Chat or start a videocall with each other whenever you want and in a fun way


Help him to do the homework and to improve at school


No matter the distance anymore, that's just the beginning of a new relation. And it's going to rock.

A unique range of functions

A shared white board that allows you to explain in an efficient way

A chat so that you can keep in touch all day long and plan your sessions in a simple way The app has a dedicated environment for kids, and has been thought for them. Fluidity is king You can read stories, turn pages together and in real time, and use the cursor to follow the lines or show a nice picture The parent as the kid have the ability to add a new homework Your children creates a homework list and you will mark as 'Done' as you go along ! Your child takes a picture of the lessons and exercises so that you can work on the same course A shared white board that allows you to explain in an efficient way

They love us

There was some kind of emergency for such a tool , very few things are made for parents who do not live with their chiild. We have been waiting for such a tool for a while... Thanks a lot Edukily !


To help my daughter to do her homework without staying in the same city had become really exhausting, with the tablet, the laptop, the printed courses... Edukily just brings everything in one single place.


My missions abroad have gradually taken my children away from my life. I am looking forward to see all the activities we'll do in Edukily to create magic in our relation again.


Meet the team

Different skills that refuse that
a separation be a barrier between a child and a parent













Know more

Questions people like to ask us

How was born the Edukily project ?

Etienne has been working with and for children for 8 years and has seen the lack of tools to communicate with a kid when traveling. The number of separated parents around him, the solitary confinement of elderly people, have made hm think to a communicayion tool that would be thought with and for children, with activities they would love inside. Philippe, as a divorced Dad, was helping his daughter to do her homework remotely the hard way.They had observed the same difficulty let with no solution, and started to talk about the idea of Edukily.

Who is Edukily for ?

Edukily is for "modern families". What is it ? They are families where parents have to travel for work purposes, who are not afraid of mobility and adat to the moving world. They may be divorced, separated, expatriate, or just simply on vacation. Edukily is an amapzing app for every grand-parents who live in a different city than their lovely grand-children; Military, firefighters, nurses, airplane companies employees... actually so many people can be brought to use Edukily !

What are your core values ?

The international bonds is definitely our core value. We believe that new technologies can and should be used to create connection with our loved ones rather than isolate us from the ones who are close from us. Last but not least, we are convinced the definition of family is flluctuating and subject to mutations due to mobility and social evolution, and that technology should enable to live it the best way.

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